Collection of abstract portraits "8" was hand-painted by
Ukrainian photographer and artist Anastasia Apraksina.

"When I created these portraits, I thought about the range of emotions that it is possible to experience.
I passed through myself the creation of each picture.
I thought about a riot of colors and boundless imagination, which, based on a familiar silhouette, can create a myriad of different unexpectedly emotional and unpredictable portraits. "

"8" consist of 8888 portraits.
The paintings were created with acrylic paints in the author's technique.
Then photographed.
There are two types of portraits in the collection.
Completely abstract and symmetrical.
All paintings will be available as NFT. 
Some works from the collection will be presented as prints.
This is not a generative collection. 
Each portrait is unique.

First NFT drop "8" 12.07.2022 on OPENSEA.

Part of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters in UKRAINE affected by the bombing and shelling.


Part of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters in Ukraine affected by the bombing and shelling.


Anastasia Apraksina 


Anastasia Apraksina Ukrainian professional photographer and artist.
Certificated member of Ukrainian Association of Professional Photographers.
Certificated member of European Professional Photographers Federation.

Photographer with 12+ years experience in creative, editorial and art photography.
Competent in capturing high quality images and in organizing and producing photoshooting.
Conversant with different types of photography beauty, art, fashion, celebrities, portrait and still life photography.
Own book in progress.

Harper's Bazaar Ukraine, YOUR HAIR, L’Officiel Ukraine, Pink, Otdohni (Cover), Chercher La femme, Photogrist Photo Magazine, Designers UA, The Devochki, NATALI, Eto Zdorovo (Cover), BURO 24/7 Ukraine, Ivona Ukraine, Mainepeople Kyiv, Ukrainian People, Coctail Magazine, VOGUE Ukraine (online), ATELIER Magazine, Uspehi i porajeniya (Cover), TOUCH Magazine, Teleguide & Woman Magazine.

Works with Brands & Designers:
LARA QUINT, Everyday Minerals, Jewellery, VIDO Jewels, ODRY Bridal, MILLIANERA, BUDDHA BAR Kyiv, GoldenSilver Jewelry, Mama Ya Doma, 365 Studio, Wonderworld Jewelry, PREGO, MY 25, La Flour, Katherine Gercogova, Carrousel, Kseniya Andress, Le Grande, Krasota Trebuet, SIYA, Smth for tea, Pylypenko handmade jewelry, Malachite Ukraine & LA STORY by Anna Sedokova.

Works with Celebrities:
Bilyk Iryna, Michelle Andrade, Anna Sedokova, PIANOBOY, Zlata Ognevich, LIA, Slava Kaminska , Kateryna Babkina, Aleksandr Porjadinskij (Х-Factor Ukraine Winner), BRO Borisenko Brothers, SSOLOMINA, Yana Solomko, Olha Spektor (Happy Paw, Spector Law Firm), Taras Topolya (Antitila), Anna Petrova, Vladimir Biruk (Overall European Athletic Champion /Overall Ukraine Champion) .

Master Class:
«How to organize photoshoot for Celebrity »



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